20th June 2019

Hey there,

I’m Louise and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I spend my time behind the scenes capturing the precious memories for local families from dinky toes to furry paws and everything in between.

I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself so you know I am not some faceless company but a mum, just like you, who wants to create the very best life for me and my family while helping lovely people create something so beautiful that it will remain in their families for years to come.

I’m a wife and a mum to my two year old daughter Ella and we live in the brilliant town of Bracknell, Berkshire.

I started this journey almost a year ago in search of a creative business which would give me a sense of fulfillment and would fit in around my other work as a babyballet teacher which i absolutely adore. I wanted to find a way to earn an income which would not take away from my own time with Ella so we could continue to make incredible memories together.

I came across the amazing The Keepsake Co and completed my keepsake artist training back in July last year. It was a massive challenge fitting this in around my already busy schedule and I don’t think at that point I realised how much work would be involved in getting a business off of the ground. From launching my website, learning the skills to make jewellery, castings and impressions up to a high enough standard that I felt was worthy of capturing even the most precious of memories.

As most new business owners do, I spent many evenings squeezing it all in around my other commitments. Most nights up until the early hours. At times I have to be honest, I wondered why I was putting myself through it!

However, once I was able to open the business I quickly realised there was another aspect I hadn’t factored in….and that was just how rewarding this job would be and not only that, how many amazing families I would get to meet along the way all with one beautiful thing in common….our absolute love and devotion for our children/families!

So thank you so much to each and everyone of you that has placed an order with me over the last year. I’ve loved creating your beautiful keepsakes. I’m still learning everyday and have lots more in the pipeline for the next year ahead so watch this space!

Hope to see you all soon! Louise 💗

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Personalised Jewellery in Bracknell

Top tips for taking handprints and footprints to create your personalised jewellery pieces!

Before you begin, get prepared:

If you are working with babies or young children….

  • Ask for some help! Two pairs of hands are better than one so if possible have someone there to help you
  • Find a time to take the prints when the child is or will be in a relaxed state. You could even do it whilst they are sleeping if very small.
  • Have a few practise go’s of placing the hand/foot down on paper (before using the inkless wipes)
  • If the child is very young it can sometimes be difficult to take handprints (if they like to clench their fists lots). If this is the case it may be easier to take a footprint instead, they are very straight forward and look just as cute on the finished piece!

So when you are ready to begin!

  1. Ensure the hand/foot is clean, wipe over with a baby wipe
  2. Check the shiny side of the paper is facing upwards, place the paper on a solid flat surface
  3. Open the non toxic wipe and wipe over the whole surface of the hand/foot. A gentle wipe is fine, this will give more detail on the print. If you wipe too much detail will be lost
  4. Take the hand or foot and press it firmly down onto the paper. Hold it there for 5-10 seconds. Ensure the whole surface has made contact with the paper if you can
  5. Repeat the process if required, however this will need to be done straight away as the wipe will dry out once it has been opened fairly quickly
  6. Mark the child’s name next to the print and if more than one print is taken please tick next to your preference

Don’t worry too much about smudges as we can take these out and if you’re really not happy with the print just let us know and we can send you out another print kit!

Baby 3D Castings in Bracknell

3D Castings, based in Bracknell, Berkshire.

I get asked these questions a lot so thought this might be helpful!

  • What is a 3D Baby Casting?

3D Baby Castings are a life-sized replica of a baby’s hand or foot. They are extremely detailed and capture tiny nails, lines and wrinkles. They are made using a moulding compound, plaster is then poured into the mould which sets. The compound is peeled away and this reveals the hand/foot casting.

  • How old does my baby need to be to have a 3D Casting?

3D Castings can be taken within a week of your baby being born. It’s just down to personal preference as to what age you would like to create your keepsake of your little one!

  • Are 3D Castings safe for babies?

Yes definitely! The material used is 100% safe and is used by dentists worldwide to take teeth impressions! Please note, if you know your child has any kind of skin problem we recommend you seek medical advise from a GP before any castings take place. Please just ask if you are unsure! If you or your child has sensitive skin we can arrange for a spot test just to be sure.

  • My baby wriggles a lot, will this cause a problem?

We can work with wriggly babies! The moulding compound will still set very quickly (within 2 mins of mixing with water). You baby does not need to keep their hands or feet totally still for the compound to set around it, they can still wriggle their fingers and toes during setting time. We recommend bringing milk, snacks (for older babies), toys or anything that will relax them. Of course if the casting was to be unsuccessful we would happily take another one free of charge.

  • How long until I receive my finished cast?

We have a lead time of 4-6 weeks for your finished cast. This can sometimes be longer in busy times (Mother’s Day, Christmas etc). The reason for this is that the plaster can take up to 3-4 weeks to dry. Once dried we spend lots of time perfecting the cast, sanding, painting, framing and making sure every last detail is just so! As soon as your cast is ready for collection we will let you know and we are happy to keep you updated throughout the process.

My first Blog entry! 27th October 2018

As the title says this is my first blog! Eeeeek! I can’t promise it’ll be very good but here goes….

So over the last 4 months I’ve been training and learning lots of new skills with the brilliant Keepsake Co so I can begin a new chapter in my work life. This is mainly to help me do additional work around my daughter and to be able to be home as much as I can in the day whilst she is young. It has been mostly exciting and scary all rolled into one but it finally feels like it’s all starting to come together!

So just to tell you a bit more about me and how it all came about….

Two years ago my daughter Ella was born. It had taken a long time for me to get pregnant again after a previous miscarriage. At one point I thought it might never happen but luckily for us it did, finally, after what felt like the longest hardest wait ever. It’s been an incredible journey and I love being a mummy more than anything! I’m not trying to paint a perfect picture of my life because I don’t think anyone’s life is perfect, also, my little girl has hit terrible twos and is definitely feisty and keeping me on my toes but I am happy and loving parenthood more than I ever thought possible! Quite early on though during motherhood I felt as though I had lost my identity and I wasn’t sure where I fitted in anymore in terms of my career and future. Lots of things had changed in my life during pregnancy and continued to change after Ella’s arrival. A slipped disc stopped me teaching exercises classes which I previously taught and loved so much. I had hoped to continue with these after the birth but sadly had to stop. Then taking care of a little one every day prevented me from catching up with friends as often as I would have liked or used to do in the past. So by the time Ella was in a good routine and more independent I started to feel the want to learn something new and build a new path/career for myself for the future. So that was how I came to find out about jewellery making and training with The Keepsake Co. I am massively sentimental (I have a box full of all the cards my Dad has ever written me in my life) so I immediately fell in love with the idea of being able to handcraft and create these beautiful pieces of jewellery. So in amongst two other jobs plus a toddler I have found the time and managed to complete training and learn lots of new brilliant skills to enable me to start this exciting journey! I am really excited for the future and can’t wait to see how it unfolds! Watch this space! X