Baby 3D Castings in Bracknell

3D Castings, based in Bracknell, Berkshire.

I get asked these questions a lot so thought this might be helpful!

  • What is a 3D Baby Casting?

3D Baby Castings are a life-sized replica of a baby’s hand or foot. They are extremely detailed and capture tiny nails, lines and wrinkles. They are made using a moulding compound, plaster is then poured into the mould which sets. The compound is peeled away and this reveals the hand/foot casting.

  • How old does my baby need to be to have a 3D Casting?

3D Castings can be taken within a week of your baby being born. It’s just down to personal preference as to what age you would like to create your keepsake of your little one!

  • Are 3D Castings safe for babies?

Yes definitely! The material used is 100% safe and is used by dentists worldwide to take teeth impressions! Please note, if you know your child has any kind of skin problem we recommend you seek medical advise from a GP before any castings take place. Please just ask if you are unsure! If you or your child has sensitive skin we can arrange for a spot test just to be sure.

  • My baby wriggles a lot, will this cause a problem?

We can work with wriggly babies! The moulding compound will still set very quickly (within 2 mins of mixing with water). You baby does not need to keep their hands or feet totally still for the compound to set around it, they can still wriggle their fingers and toes during setting time. We recommend bringing milk, snacks (for older babies), toys or anything that will relax them. Of course if the casting was to be unsuccessful we would happily take another one free of charge.

  • How long until I receive my finished cast?

We have a lead time of 4-6 weeks for your finished cast. This can sometimes be longer in busy times (Mother’s Day, Christmas etc). The reason for this is that the plaster can take up to 3-4 weeks to dry. Once dried we spend lots of time perfecting the cast, sanding, painting, framing and making sure every last detail is just so! As soon as your cast is ready for collection we will let you know and we are happy to keep you updated throughout the process.