Personalised Jewellery in Bracknell

Top tips for taking handprints and footprints to create your personalised jewellery pieces!

Before you begin, get prepared:

If you are working with babies or young children….

  • Ask for some help! Two pairs of hands are better than one so if possible have someone there to help you
  • Find a time to take the prints when the child is or will be in a relaxed state. You could even do it whilst they are sleeping if very small.
  • Have a few practise go’s of placing the hand/foot down on paper (before using the inkless wipes)
  • If the child is very young it can sometimes be difficult to take handprints (if they like to clench their fists lots). If this is the case it may be easier to take a footprint instead, they are very straight forward and look just as cute on the finished piece!

So when you are ready to begin!

  1. Ensure the hand/foot is clean, wipe over with a baby wipe
  2. Check the shiny side of the paper is facing upwards, place the paper on a solid flat surface
  3. Open the non toxic wipe and wipe over the whole surface of the hand/foot. A gentle wipe is fine, this will give more detail on the print. If you wipe too much detail will be lost
  4. Take the hand or foot and press it firmly down onto the paper. Hold it there for 5-10 seconds. Ensure the whole surface has made contact with the paper if you can
  5. Repeat the process if required, however this will need to be done straight away as the wipe will dry out once it has been opened fairly quickly
  6. Mark the child’s name next to the print and if more than one print is taken please tick next to your preference

Don’t worry too much about smudges as we can take these out and if you’re really not happy with the print just let us know and we can send you out another print kit!

Lastly and most importantly… have fun! 🙂