Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery is handmade and will usually take approximately 3 weeks from the time the prints are received back to us. Our memorial jewellery items include capturing the unique fingerprint, handprint/footprints or pawprints of loved ones.

If you have decided to have a fingerprint piece made, it is advisable for the prints to be taken as quickly as possible after a loved one has passed away to preserve the fine detail in their print. Please do not worry if you are yet to decide on what jewellery you would like to order, the most important thing is that the prints are taken. In most cases your Funeral Director will take prints for you, we are happy to work along side them on your behalf, our print kits can be sent directly to the funeral directors.

Please contact Louise via phone 07702 109 733 or email and I can let you know the information I require to make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Once we have taken your loved one’s print, we will be able to create your special memorial jewellery.